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Schmetz Leather Machine Needles | Sizes 80 – 110


Schmetz Leather Machine Needles | Sizes 80 – 110


Schmetz Leather needles are manufactured with a cutting point for easier penetration & sewing of tough fabrics such as leather and vinyl.

With the specially designed point they are not suitable for classic fabrics such as cottons, linens etc. For sewing these we recommend the Schmetz Universal Needle Range.

Sizes 80 through to 110.  5 needles per card.

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Schmetz Leather Needles are available in various sizes (cross sectional diameter). Sizes start from 80nm (0.8mm thickness) up to 110nm (1.1mm thickness).

For ease of identification Schmetz stamp the needle size on the shank of every needle they manufacture.

Leather Needle Pack Sizes & Assortment

Sizes 80 – 110 are available in packs of x5 needles.

Needle Codes:
101282, 101283, 101284, 101285

Recommended Thread

Take a look at the Empress Extra Heavy 36s Sewing Thread – it is particularly suited to stitching heavy fabrics including leathers.

Stitching something a particularly dense or harsh leather? Then the Bonded Nylon Threads are probably more ideal for you – it is stronger and more resistant to abrasion.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you require specialist threads or help selecting the best option for your application.

Needle Size

Size 100, Size 110, Size 80, Size 90


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