Schmetz Microtex Machine Needles | Fine Fabrics

Manufactured with a very slim, sharp, acute point Schmetz Microtex Needles are for easier piercing of very fine or densely woven fabrics.

They allow for precise stitching of edges and are ideal for silks, microfibre fabrics, foils or fine artificial leather.

Sizes 60 through to size 90.  5 needles per card.
Also an assorted pack of sizes 60-80.

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Schmetz Microtex Sewing Machine Needles

Schmetz Microtex Machine Needles | Fine Fabrics

Schmetz Microtex Needles are available in various sizes (cross-sectional diameter). Sizes start from 60nm (0.6mm thickness) up to 90nm (0.9mm thickness).

The size you require is basically dependant on the weight / material thickness. The popular Microtex size tends to be 70 with the focus being on precise stitching. As a guide sizes 60s & 70s tend to be used on light/medium weight silk fabrics.

For ease of identification Schmetz stamp the needle size on the shank of every needle they manufacture.

Microtex Needle Pack Sizes & Assortment

Sizes 60 through to 90 are available in packs of x5 needles.

Assorted Pack 60-80 includes: 2x size 60, 2x size 70 and 1x size 80.

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