Handle Set For Felting Needles | Prym

  • Handles set for felting needles
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle made of white durable plastic
  • Suitable for felting needles that are 78 to 90 mm long
  • Combined 7-slot needle holder for flat felting, 1-slot needle holder for felting detail work


SKU#: P610155

Handle Set For Felting Needles | Prym

Handle Set For Felting Needles | Prym


Set consisting of three components, which can be utilised together in many different ways.

The 6-compartment needle holder and the handle for a single needle can be plugged into each other to form a tool with up to seven needles. The single version and its ergonomically-shaped recessed grip can be separately used for detail work.

The recessed grip made of white, soft, durable plastic can be used for felting, as a protective cap, and for safe storage.

Prym worked to ensure the finished Felting Handle was totally ergonomic and the final handle design was patented due to its unique combination of ergonomic design and practicality. As an ultimate mark of comfort and ease of use they were awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2014 for the finish.

On the rear of the packaging, you can find illustrated instructions explaining how to change the needles and detailing all functions.

Coarse Felting Needles & Fine Felting Needles are available.

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