Felting Needles, Coarse | Prym

  • Coarse needles for felting
  • Size: 78 mm
  • Ideal for perfoming detailed felt work
  • Felting needles, suitable for the Prym.Ergonomics Handles Set
  • 7 Needles per card

SKU#: P131161

Felting Needles, Coarse | Prym

Felting Needles, Coarse | Prym


Prym felting needles, 78 mm long created specifically for needle felting.

In the needle work area below the sharp shaft, the needle has a tip with fine notches that produce a barbed hook effect. Coarse needles are suitable for compacting the felt while the Fine Felting Needles are used for performing detailed work on the felt motifs.

The needles are suitable for use in the Prym Handles Set for felting needles from their Ergonomics collection.

Pack contains 7 felting needles.

Fine Finish Felting Needles Also Available.

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