250s Monofilament Nylon Overlocking Thread

250s weight Monofilament Nylon with middle of the road strength making it ideal for overlocking a range of projects e.g. curtains & furnishings.

Incredibly unobtrusive and often referred to as invisible due to its translucent qualities.

Ideal thread for the overlocker as long length, ensuring you don't have to 're-thread' often and great value. Very economical equating to just £00.008 per metre (yes that is 0.08 PENCE per metre).

Available on a 8100m or 28800m spool.

Spools (particularly the larger option) perform best used under a Dome & Base - a one-off purchase - to control the naturally slippery thread during sewing.

From £14.50

SKU#: E101872a

250s Monofilament Nylon Overlocking Thread

250s Monofilament Nylon Overlocking Thread

We have an extensive range of Overlocking Threads available.

If you are unsure about the best thread for your sewing project then please Contact Us. We will happily post you free samples and our experienced team can advise on the best option for you.

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