Thread Cone Holder | Prym

Easily adapts larger cones and spools of sewing thread to fit your sewing machine. Incredibly easy to use, simply stand behind your machine and feed the thread through the guides.

Empress Video Available Here which covers a few tips on using the cone holder for different sizes & shapes of cones plus for use with different types of thread!

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RRP £16.60 | Empress Offer Price £14.10 - You save 15%

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Thread Cone Holder | Prym

Thread Cone Holder | Prym


Sewing Thread Cone Holder Info.

Why not take advantage of the extra value gained by buying larger cones of sewing thread? If you are worried they won't fit on your machine then the Cone Holder is ideal. It easily adapts cones and large spools of thread for use on any sewing machine.

Simply stand the cone on the holder, feed the thread through the guide and into your machine - incredibly simple.

The Cone Holder price is easily off-set against the savings made by purchasing larger thread cones.


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