Blind Hemming Thread

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Blind Hemming thread is ideal for creating a fine unobtrusive stitch - no where near as harsh as nylon - ideal for Blind, Hemming, Felling, Lockstitch - super on Nets and Bridal Wear.

Use Natural on light colours, Smoke on dark.

Also widely used as Bobbin/Backing thread in Machine Embroidery - use Natural on light colours, Smoke on dark.

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Blind Hemming Thread

Blind Hemming Thread

Manufactured to industrial standards HT Poly Sewing Thread is guaranteed to run on your blind hemming machine.

If you are wondering if this is the best thread for your project please don't hesitate to Contact Us - we would be delighted to help. Also for further info take a look at the HT Poly Threads In Focus Article.

Technical Thread Name

HT Polyester. This stands for High Tenacity Polyester.