Wool Needles Flexi Hoop | Prym

  • Prym wool needles with rounded tip for embroidery
  • Sizes: 85 x 3.3 mm, 70 x 2.8 mm and 60 x 2.3 mm
  • Made of anodised aluminium, assorted colours
  • Includes flexible nylon eye

SKU#: P124101

Wool Needles Flexi Hoop | Prym

Wool Needles Flexi Hoop | Prym


Set consisting of three different-sized wool needles for embroidering or sewing wool clothing.

The needles are made of blue, red, and green anodised aluminium and, in lieu of a classic eye, have a nylon loop for easy yarn threading. The nylon eye is flexible and lets the wool needle easily slide through the meshes. In addition, the rounded tip ensures there is no catching or damage to your fabric.

Lightweight and comfortable to hold.

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Brand Prym