Steam A Seam 2 Lite | Letters, Numbers & Shapes

Sheets are printed with reversed upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and even shapes in two sizes ready for use with your own fabric or paper. No tracing required with all the benefits of the world’s most loved fusible web - Lite Steam-A-Seam 2!!

  • No Sewing Required
  • Machine Wash & Dry Finished Projects
  • Sticks Temporarily for Perfect Placement
  • Once Fused - Won’t Gum Needle If Sewing is Desired

Pack includes 7 sheets of letters and numbers and 1 blank sheet.

SKU#: E103866

Steam A Seam 2 Lite | Letters, Numbers & Shapes

Steam A Seam 2 Lite | Letters, Numbers & Shapes


Steam A Seam Overview & Instructions

Steam A Seam is supplied sandwiched between two sheets of lining paper.

Trace or draw your shape/pattern onto one side of the backing paper.

Remove one side of the paper backing and press onto the wrong side of your applique fabric the fabric will now be stabilised while the shape is cut out.

Peel off the other layer of paper from the Steam A Seam and your applique can be pressed into place on your main fabric project. Steam A Seam allows you to reposition your fabric shape multiple times without a permanent bond being formed.

Once you are happy with the position simply iron the applique for a permanent hold - spend about 20 seconds pressing with iron on a mid heat setting.

Take a look at full Steam A Seam Instructions.


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