Freezer Paper 50 sq ft

50 Square Foot box - Reynolds Plastic Coated Freezer Paper - useful for arts and crafts, can also be used for templates to applique, quilt or piecing.

Can be lightly adhered to fabric by using an iron.

Instructions for craft use included on the packaging - or see below.

See full info below.

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Freezer Paper 50 sq ft

Freezer Paper 50 sq ft

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Freezer Paper Instructions

Originally intended for helping to preserve food during freezing Freezer Paper has been adopted for a host of creative uses most notably quilting templates.

As a template creator Freezer Paper is superb. You can trace designs onto the paper cut out around the shape then iron on to your fabric. This not only allows you to create accurate and neat shapes by following the drawn design but also stabilises your fabric during cutting.

The extra bonus is that once you have cut your first fabric shape you can peel the Freezer Paper off and iron it on to a second area allowing you to create several identical fabric shapes from a single template.

Use With Your Printer

Freezer Paper is versatile and strong enough to be fed through a printer meaning designs can be printed direct from you PC on to the paper to create templates.

The other use with a printer is to stabilise fabrics while you ink jet on to them. For example iron an A4 piece of Calico to the same size piece of Freezer Paper. This makes the calico firm enough to be fed through a printer. Naturally, this technique could be used across a host of fabrics and Vilenes.

Here is a link to a great tutorial showing how to use the paper to create a stencil for painting a design into a T-Shirt.

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