Silk Salt | Multiple Size Options

This quality silk salt by Jacquard is designed to create beautiful textures on fabric.

Instructions for use below.

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Silk Salt | Multiple Size Options

Silk Salt | Multiple Size Options

What Is Silk Salt & How to Use

Paint your chosen fabric with dye or fabric paints such as Dye-Na-Flow.

While the fabric is still wet, sprinkle on the Silk Salt. The salt will absorb the colour as it dries, leaving halos of colour on your material.

Leave the salt on the fabric until it is completely dry. Brush off and discard salt. Set the colour as usual.

Sizes Available

Silk Salt is available in:

E108990-01 - 56g Pot
E108990-02 - 280g Pot

Jacquard Dyes

Created by Jacquard Products, a leading manufacturer of dyes and ancillary items for use with fabric and other mediums. Family owned and operated, Jacquard are a superb fit with Empress and are committed to offering top-quality materials.

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