Silk Fibres

Silk Fibres - popular with creative embroiderers - each bag contains a ‘generous handful’ of luxury silk fibre.

Two Silk Fibre Varieties Available:

  • Silk Slivers: Pale lustrous silk (as per image)
  • Silk Tussah: Rich, earthen coloured silk.
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Pure Silk Fibres for textile art and creative embroidery works.

Silk Fibres

The Silk Thread Range

Our luxurious Silk Thread & Fibres range is sourced from Macclesfield UK where the trade was first developed in the 1800's. These are simply the most fabulous yarns.

The Silk Range represents the development of yarn manufacture - from a simple but luxuriant machine thread to a 'fancy' twisted boucle.

Silk Fabrics

We are delighted to present a range of Silk Fabrics ranging from ultra light habotai through to textured noil.

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