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Schmetz Gold / Titanium Machine Needles


Schmetz Gold / Titanium Machine Needles


The Schmetz Gold Titanium Needles are designed with a light ball point and enlarged eye. Titanium Nitride coating improves needle wear resistance in high stitch count applications and reduces needles clogging.

Particularly useful for stitching/embroidering coarse & densely woven fabrics.

Sizes 75 & 90.  5 needles per card.

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Schmetz Gold/Titanium Needles are available in two sizes (cross sectional diameter). Size 75nm (0.75mm thickness) and size 90nm (0.9mm thickness).

Considering the type of application the specially coated needles are designed for, it is no surprise that the slightly heavier size 90 option tends to be the most popular. However the 75s are ideal for stitching onto lighter fabrics where a high stitch count is key to the project.

For ease of identification Schmetz stamp the needle size on the shank of every needle they manufacture.

Needle Pack Sizes & Assortment

Sizes 75 & 90 are available in packs of x5 needles.

Needle Codes:
101299, 101300

Needle Size

Size 75, Size 90


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