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Machine Embroidery Stabilisers

Empress are delighted to stock Vilene Soluble Stabilisers for Machine Embroidery, Hand Embroidery and of course other projects.

The two key stabilisers are Solufleece & Solufix. Solufleece is the next step on from the popular Soluweb (which has now been discontinued in favour of the advancement).

Details are below but please feel free to Contact Us for further information or to Request A Sample.

Solufleece Vilene V321 - ProductSolufleece | Water Soluble Stabiliser

Solufleece is a hugely popular water soluble stabiliser. It feels just like an average lightweight fabric & should be treated as such while embroidering. Solufleece handles high density machine embroidery extremely well and is designed to not disintegrate during sewing.

Once the design is complete simply immerse in cold water & the Solufleece will dissolve.

Other techniques involve using Solufleece as a base fabric to stitch on. If stitches in the design overlap enough when the Solufleece is dissolved the threads will hold together creating a stand alone piece. Solufleece is also key in the Crashing Technique which adds texture to fabrics of your choice. Full information can be found on the Crashing Information Page.

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Solufix Vilene - 101672 - ProductSolufix | Self Adhesive Water Soluble Stabiliser

Vilene Solufix – a brand new water soluble stabiliser with self adhesive backing. If using conventionally as an embroidery stabiliser this is essentially a water-soluble Fuse ‘n’ Tear. Ideal for heavy fabrics, pile fabrics or for those with lots of movement. Solufix will hold the fabric in place while you stitch/embroider – it can then be dissolved in cold water.

Remove protective paper, stick to your fabric, embroider, immerse in cold water to remove.

Solufix can also be used other than as a ‘standard’ stabiliser. For example intricate designs with threads fibres and fabrics can be created by simply pressing them onto the interfacing. By stitching over to hold the various pieces together a stand alone work is created. This technique is super for mini quilts and other applications.

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Sewing Thread Category Image 10Machine Embroidery Thread

Empress 40s Machine Embroidery Thread is the thread with perfect sewability and decorative lustre for creative embroidery projects. Available in over 100 shades and guaranteed to run on your machine it really is a superb all rounder.

Machine Embroidery Threads

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