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Procion Dyes

We are delighted to now be stocking a super range of Procion Fabric Dyes!

Fabulous range of over 25 shades. All intermixable, permanent & colourfast which produce intense, vibrant results. Ideal for immersion dyeing, tie dyeing, dip dyeing, air brushing, printing, twisting, sponging, spraying etc. Also ideal for design work on paper. Non-toxic.

The extensive Procion Dye shade range is available in two different quantities – 10g & 20g. We can also provide 100g, 500g & 1kg price options – ideal for schools & colleges please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for further information.

Procion Dyes Range

Which Fabrics & Threads Are Procions For?

The Procion Dyes are ideal for use on fabric or threads made of: Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Rayon, Flax,Hemp etc. They are also excellent on Silk and can be use on poly/cotton blends but do create lighter shades.

Withe the above in mind Empress 440 Count Mercerised Egyptian Cotton & also all the fabrics in the Cotton Calico Range are superb for use alongside Procions.

Fabrics For Dyeing Info Page

Shade/Dye Quantity Ordering Guide:

PASTEL SHADE | 1g | Per 100g Fabric
MEDIUM SHADE | 2g | Per 100g Fabric
DEEP SHADE | 4g | Per 100g Fabric

NB. Fabric is quoted at Dry Weight.
For Black and very intense shades use double the quantity of dye.

Visit the Procion Fabric Dye Section for full information.

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