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Overlocking Thread

Overlocking & Serging Thread

There has been a huge jump in interest for Overlocking Thread. We are delighted that whatever your thread requirement we have an extensive range and will be able to help.

With this in mind we are pleased to provide a brief breakdown of two of the core overlocking threads and why you would want to use the various options.

Full Overlocking Thread Range

120s Polycore Sewing Thread - MainT120s General Purpose Overlocking Thread

General Purpose Overlocking Thread is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a fine, smooth, relatively strong thread designed to run superbly at high speeds and can be used on both the overlocker needle or looper.

This all rounder is available on 250m & 1000m bobbins and also a 7500m thread cone. The 7500m are particularly popular as overlocking consumes much more thread than ‘standard’ sewing and therefore the economy & time saving aspect of a larger cone is often preferred.

General Purpose Overlocking Thread Range

So with such a great all rounder why would I want any other thread? For different effects!

Sewing Thread Category Image 880s Bulk Thread / Woolly Nylon Overlocking Thread

You will often hear these terms referred to in conjunction with overlocking. Don’t get confused they are one and the same thread! The terms are used interchangeably with ‘80s Bulk‘ being the industrial name and ‘Woolly Nylon‘ being more of a colloquial term. Full Info can be found on the Woolly Nylon/80s Bulk Thread pages or in the dedicated Threads In Focus Article.

What Is This Thread For?

80s Bulk (or Woolly Nylon) is designed to spread & ‘fluff’ out as it passes through the machine process. This spreading effect creates complete seam or raw edge coverage – this is ideal for knitted fabrics such as lycras – essential to stop any fraying. The finish is also soft, making it ideal for the inside of clothing particularly items that will be in contact with skin – for this very reason it is used extensively in lingerie, babywear & nightwear.

More practically it is used in furnishings, upholstery …. i.e. in cushions an inner raw edge & stops fraying. Plus it can also create a contrast edge on the outside of a garment e.g. a duvet cover, dancewear – a pale fabric can be overlocked with a darker thread to give a decorative finish and vice versa. With regard to another of it’s core industrial purposes bulk is perfect for providing complete seam coverage on knitted fabrics such as lycras – essential to stop any fraying.

Available on 1000m bobbins or 5000m cone in 90 shades we are sure to have the perfect Bulk Overlocking Thread for your project.

Full Overlocking Thread Range

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