Marking & Ironing Set, General Purpose | Prym

Two Prym rulers designed to make it much simpler to prepare all types of seams, folds and pleats for sewing. The tool helps ensure the measuring, marking, folding and ironing to the 'wrong' fabric side can be done in quick accurate stages.

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Marking & Ironing Set, General Purpose | Prym

Marking & Ironing Set, General Purpose | Prym


Prym's Marking & Ironing Rulers

So that you can work easily with any size of fabric, Prym supplies the heat-resistant ironing rulers in two sizes. Punched lines ensure exact transfer of your marking lines onto the fabric. On the front of both rulers there is a vertical metric scale, which is ideal for trouser and sleeve seams. On the back there is a horizontal scale, which allows for perfect marking, folding and ironing of long, straight seams.

The instructions printed and illustrated on the stencil are particularly helpful, when shortening trousers.

The ironing stencils are heat-resistant, designed to handle temperatures up to iron setting 3 without being damaged. This ensures perfect, effortless pressing of seam allowances to the wrong side and then sewing on rectangular or rounded blouse pockets.

  • Heat-resistant ironing ruler for all types of seams
  • 2 different sizes: 10 cm x 30 cm and 5 cm x 15 cm
  • Can be used a number of times
  • Easy ironing of edges and seams
  • Resealable / reusable packaging can be used to store stencils.

Part of the larger range of marking accessories for textiles.

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