120s Polycore Sewing Thread

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120s Polycore Sewing Thread

120s Polycore Sewing Thread

Thread Info

A super all round machine thread, ideal for machine quilting through to dressmaking and light furnishings.

This is what we class as the 'benchmark' General Purpose Thread and what we recommend without hesitation - particularly for sewing machine use!

120s Polycore is formed by twisting two slivers of cotton around a central core of polyester. This sheathed strand is then twisted with another two identical strands to add strength and create the finished thread.

The cotton sheath gives the sew-ability of a natural fibre and protects the poly centre from heat generated in the needle during sewing and the polyester adds the overall strength.

Overall a very versatile thread that we highly recommend for all light to medium weight fabrics particularly when using a machine.

Colour Matching

Available in 90 shades.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the colours on the shade card, due to the limitations in reproducing colours on various monitors and settings there may be variation.

For a completely accurate match Contact Us and we can either send you a thread sample or match to your fabric.

Technical Thread Name

120s Polycore.

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