Machine Quilting (Cotton) | Mini Sets

50s weight, superb quality pure cotton Machine Quilting Thread. The thread is manufactured to exacting industrial standards making it perfect for use on your machine. It is strong yet will not damage your fabrics.

Each pack contains Three 1000m Bobbins of thread.

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Machine Quilting (Cotton) | Mini Sets

Machine Quilting (Cotton) | Mini Sets

Thread Info

Choose from nine specially selected shade packs. Each pack contains three shades matching the same general genre. Perfect for adding a selection of shades to your quilting thread stash.

The Highest Standards - Ideal For Your Machine
Cotton Quilting Thread – 50s weight. This fine, strong, soft finish, natural thread has proved itself as a winner particularly with machine quilters – super sewability – a sell-out at the Shows!

Smooth finish with long-staple Egyptian Cotton. Prior to spinning, processing takes place to remove the shorter cotton fibres from the batch, this ensures that the finished yarn is spun from only the longest fibres present in the cotton harvest. Why all the effort? Long fibres ensure the yarn is as smooth and strong as possible which translates directly into a better sewing experience & overall finish.

The thread is combed to ensure an ultra-smooth finish plus to reduce excess surface strands. This essentially eliminates the build-up of fluff or hair in your machine needle.

We are delighted to complete the finished processing for this thread in our own UK facilities.

Sewing Machine Types

Empress Machine Quilting Thread is designed & manufactured to industrial standards (indeed we still sell this to factories worldwide) this ensures you can be confident using it when stitching on domestic sewing machines in the home through to long arm machines and full industrial sewing machine models.

Shade Choice

We have carefully selected the available mini sets drawing from insight gained over years of manufacture. The bundles cover a range of colour choices while still offering a wide selection.

That said if you are trying to match a particular colour or have something specific in mind then don't forget we stock over 90 individual shades of Machine Quilting Cotton Thread in both 1000m bobbins and 4000m cone options. Visit the Empress Machine Quilting Thread Page.

Colour Re-Production

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the colours on the shade card and within images, due to the limitations in reproducing colours on various monitors and settings there may be variation.

For a completely accurate match Contact Us and we can either send you a thread sample or match to your fabric.

Technical Thread Name

50s 100% Cotton.

Quilt Waddings

Don't forget - we stock a range of wadding/battings ideal for a range of quilt projects. Visit the Empress Quilt Wadding Page for full information.

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