Strap For Bags 32mm x 3m Card | Black

Black Premium quality Prym strapping for use with home-made bag and luggage projects.

  • For shoulder straps
  • Ideal for shoulder bags, belts, key lanyards, and much more
  • Length is sufficient for rucksack or larger bag
  • Soft, stable, resillient material
  • Pure cotton

Premium Quality Bag Strapping is also available in a variety of different colours and designs.

SKU#: P965180

Strap For Bags 32mm x 3m Card | Black

Strap For Bags 32mm x 3m Card | Black


Ideal for shoulder straps in shoulder bags, pouches or rucksacks or alternaively for use as a belt, key chain or lanyard: This strapping is versatile in use plus offers a soft yet stable finish.

As a natural, pure cotton product, it is soft to the touch. The 3m length ensures there is plenty for use with larger bag projects and rucksacks.

Strapping is available in a range of different widths, colours, designs & materials.


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