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VW Campervan Fabrics – Just Arrived!

VW Campervan Fabric - 100% Cotton

VW Campervan Fabric Blue - Main - 103806Fantastic news – these hugely popular Volkswagen Campervan Furnishing Fabrics are once again available!

We won’t bore you with the detail but they have been unavailable for a while as the manufacturers ran into a few copyright issues. Anyway after negotiations with VW they have created a licensed fabric which is better than ever!

The new improved designs feature illustrated VW Campers which even sport the VW Logo! the design is available in three colourways; Blue, Pink & Multi – great fun they are suitable
for a variety of projects.

View The New VW Campervan Fabrics

Why Use A Furnishing Weight Fabric?

VW Campervan Fabric Pink - Main - 103807This weight of fabric is fantastic for a variety of uses including aprons & bags plus of course soft furnishings – cushions, curtains & more.

I was pleased to see our local school’s lollipop lady who sometimes drives to work in her VW Camper had made curtains for it – perfect!

At 54″ wide the fabrics are also super useful as the extra width gives you more room to play with!

Which Sewing Thread Should I Use?

VW Campervan Fabric Multi - Main - 103808We recommend stitching this weight of fabric with Thread Plus. It is stronger than what we class as a ‘standard’ thread but is still fine enough to run in a standard sewing machine needle.

The extra strength provided is perfect for holding the weight of furnishing fabrics even on stress seams found in bags or along curtains.

View The New VW Campervan Fabrics

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2 thoughts on “VW Campervan Fabrics – Just Arrived!

  1. Hi -is there any chance I could get a swatch of fabric from you? I want to make curtains for my grandson with camper vans on but would like it to have orange & green in it. Not sure if the ‘multi’ colour you advertise for this fabric is orange & green?
    Thank you & hopefully you are able to send me a swatch. I’m reluctant to buy material without seeing the colour & it is not always clear on the screen.
    If you able to send me swatch I would be very grateful & will send you my full postal address.

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