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Overlocking Threads & The Great British Sewing Bee

Overlocking Thread Bobbins Cones

With the Great British Sewing Bee bringing more interest than ever to the sewing world all things garment making have rocketed in popularity. We have spotted this across the board but no more so than with questions about overlocking.

We are on hand if you have any questions about the best thread for the job so please always feel free to contact us for information.

We have quite a range of suitable threads but two stand out above the rest:

Overlocking Thread Cones & BobbinsOverlocking Thread – Poly – General Purpose

For running on both the overlocker’s needle & loopers this thread is ideal for the vast majority of overlocking applications. Perfect for both seam coverage and contrast edging.

Manufactured to industrial standards and with finished processing in our own UK facilities this, gives us the confidence to guarantee it will run on your machine.

100 Shades. Learn More & Purchase More…

Overlocking Thread – Poly Full Info.

Sewing Thread Category Image 880s Bulk / Woolly Nylon

Designed to essentially ‘expand’ as it runs through the guides of the overlocking machine. This thread, once in place, spreads to cover more of the seam.

Providing excellent seam coverage – plus super contrast edging on e.g. household textiles it is great for use on stretch fabrics, lycra & knitwear.

It should only be used in the loopers of your overlocker with the Poly thread (above) used in the needle.

60+ Shades. Learn More & Purchase More…

80s Bulk / Woolly Nylon Full Info.


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