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New Variegated Embroidery Thread

30s Variegated Machine Embroidery Thread

30s - Variegated Machine Embroidery ThreadWe are delighted to introduce a new collection of Variegated Shade Embroidery Threads for use on a wide range of projects.

Available in nine multi shades the thread is wound onto a 300m bobbin.

The collection is a 30s weight – essentially this is slightly heavier than what we all class as a standard weight embroidery thread (for example for ‘normal’ machine embroidering the option tends to be a 40s weight). The extra thickness in the 30s has several advantages including allowing the thread more prominence in finished projects as it, by it’s very nature, is more visible than finer options.

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30s Variegated Machine Embroidery Thread Shades - 103861Just What Is A Variegated Thread

Simply it is standard thread which has been dyed specially to create a variance in colour along its length. usually featuring two or three shades, these colours repeat themselves at semi regular intervals along the entire thread.

Variation Dyeing is much more complex than standard dyeing as the thread cannot simply be dipped in a bath of one colour dye. Instead the dye must be specially applied and the thread allowed to dry before winding on to the finished bobbin and packaged.

With nine options each encompassing three shades the new Variegated Sewing Thread Range is sure to have a match for your project!

Variegated Thread Uses

The obvious is clear – embroidery! Whether for embroidering a panel, a wall hanging or simple baseball hats this thread will do the job. It’s thickness (as mentioned above) means it will stand out from the crowd. So if you are looking to show off a decorative stitch style or maybe are looking to cleverly lead the audiences eye around your work this is ideal for the job.

Moving away from the obvious, the simple properties of the new introduction make it perfect as a General Purpose Sewing Thread. Just what would you use it for? We would suggest decorative topstitch work – it is perfect for garment stitching requirements, decorative sewing of appliques and more. What it brings is a touch of colour to really set off your project.

Another point to note is this 30s weight thread is manufactured with a matt finish. This sets it apart from the majority of decorative embroidery threads available and makes it a great choice when stitching natural fabrics.

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The Empress Sewing Thread Guarantee

The new variegated introduction is protected by the simple Empress Thread Guarantee. We guarantee it will run on your machine or you can return it for a refund.

We are totally confident in the thread stitching so well for you due to the manufacturing standards it, along with many of our core sewing ranges adhere to – namely being produced to an industrial standard. This does not mean the thread is ultra strong it just means it is designed to run at speed in a harsher industrial environment. Think fast machines, multiple fabric layers and highly skilled machinist pushing the thread to the limit!

Schmetz Embroidery Machine NeedleSewing Machine Needles

Even being slightly thicker than usual the thread works fine with a Schmetz Embroidery Needle.

If you are looking to use it for more general sewing (i.e. for garments) then select a Schmetz Topstitch Needle. Designed with a wider eye it is the perfect machine needle for sewing thicker, more voluminous and special effect threads.

Developing Threads With You

We are pleased to be creating not just this range but many ranges in conjunction with and upon suggestions from our newsletter and social media followers.

It is always a pleasure to introduce a collection such as this after such team work and as usual with these things we extend a huge thank you to everyone for your input & ideas. Please always feel free to Contact Us with your suggestions and input! We do listen and as this range shows, we do act!

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Other Options

Don’t forget, we stock an extensive range of not just Embroider Threads but all manner of Sewing Threads ideal for quilting through to sail making.


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