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Egyptian Cotton Fabric – The Very Best Quality

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As you may know we have been struggling for a supply of our 440 count Egyptian Cotton for a while now particularly by the metre. One of the main issues has been sourcing not just the fabric from a mill but also guaranteeing the quality.

It is our delight to announce we have tracked down a source and absolutely no concessions on quality have been made. We now have this amazing fabric back available in both larger pieces and by the metre!

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The Very Best Quality Fabric…

Egyptian Cotton Fabric Post - Raw Cotton PlantThe Empress Egyptian Cotton Fabric range is manufactured entirely from specially selected, highest quality combed cotton yarns.

Prior to spinning, the shorter cotton fibres are removed which ensures that the yarns are spun from only the longest fibres present in the cotton harvest. Drawing from fibres only harvested from the very best growing areas the structure of the natural fibre is ensured.

Once spun, the yarn is mercerised, a process which removes any excess ‘fluff’ from around the fibre and results in an extra smooth finished yarn.

With this now ultra smooth yarn the weaving process can begin. Using some of the latest looms available the fabric is woven at a factory based in Italy. Weaving to the very best 440 count standard the fabric is some of the finest available in the world today.

Just after weaving the fabric is mechanically pressed and calendered to ensure a completely smooth and unblemished even finish is achieved. After several quality checks the fabric is released.

A Summary

The fabric uses the very best cotton fibres from one of the best cotton growing regions in the world. Refined and treated these then form an ultra smooth yarn. This yarn is woven and the fabric is then finished by pressing and calendering for an ultra smooth top quality finish.

Truly Amazing Quality

Please feel free to Request A Sample to feel the quality for yourself.

So What Can Egyptian Cotton Fabric Be Used For?

Egyptian Cotton Fabric In Use

Not just the ultimate in quality but Egyptian Cotton is the ultimate in versatility. It has crossed all practical and creative boundaries. With uses having ranged from embroidery backing, quilt piecing and quilt backing through to bedding, pillow cases and clothing.

Being mercerised (which removes excess fibres) makes it perfect for dyeing and printing. The removal of the fibres ensures that all the dye stuff is absorbed by the actual fabric. From a printing perspective it ensures accuracy and stops distortion of the design.

Take a look at the Egyptian Cotton Fabric Options we have available.

View The Egyptian Cotton Fabric Range

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