Rotating Cutting Mat | Prym Love

  • Made from high-performance synthetic material
  • Self-healing surface
  • Rotating cutting mat for patchwork, quilting, handicrafts
  • Non-slip edge for optimum movement of the mat
  • Metric scale
  • Fast, safe cutting for small pieces
  • Enables the fabric to be brought to the optimum position for working


SKU#: P611469

Rotating Cutting Mat | Prym Love

Rotating Cutting Mat | Prym Love


Prym Love Rotating Cutting Mat

For patchwork, quilting or handicrafts: the rotating cutting mat from the Prym Love range has a multitude of features.

The wavy edge with non-slip grooves, make it easy to move the wide mat, ensuring your project is always in the optimum position for working. There is no need to change the position of the fabric or the material while cutting – this enables quick, precise cutting and makes more convenient and comfortable.

The non-slip underside of the cutting mat ensures the mat stays securely on the work table, preventing the slipping


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