Foldable Cutting Mat | Prym Love

  • Made from high-performance synthetic material
  • Easy to fold and to store
  • Metric scale
  • Bottom side with thin non-slip coating. So no movement of board while cutting.
  • Self-healing surface
  • Ideal for workshops
  • More info below...

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Foldable Cutting Mat | Prym Love

Foldable Cutting Mat | Prym Love


Prym Love Folding Cutting Mat

Cutting mat from the Prym Love series is indispensable, ideal for a range of sewing projects for use as a true cutting mat and also general work surface to protect your table from scratches, marks  etc.

Foldable and easy to carry, the cutting mat's open format is 45 x 60 cm (A2), and folded it is 30 x 45 cm (A3). It can be used folded if working in more 'cosy' workshop conditions. The fold/spilt in the mat is cut in the shape of 'curvy teeth' which ensure an even surface when opened out.

The Prym Love mat is made of premium high-performance synthetic material and has a self-healing surface. The underside is printed with a thin non-slip layer, this makes the pad sit securely on the work surface when cutting. The fresh mint colour makes it a colourful enhancement for any sewing workstation.


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