Marking & Ironing Set, Blouse Pockets | Prym

Prym Marking & Ironing Set for creating blouse pockets, includes three different pocket shapes.

Using the selected pattern marker/shape the pocket is traced on to the fabric then cut out. The matching ironing stencil makes it easy to then iron seam allowances and seams directly on the stencil.

The ironing stencils are heat-resistant, designed to handle temperatures up to iron setting 3 without being damaged. This ensures perfect, effortless pressing of seam allowances to the wrong side and then sewing on rectangular or rounded blouse pockets.

SKU#: P611935

Marking & Ironing Set, Blouse Pockets | Prym

Marking & Ironing Set, Blouse Pockets | Prym


Prym's Marking & Ironing Rulers

  • Marker and ironing stencils for blouse pockets
  • 3 different shapes
  • Can be used a number of times
  • Easy ironing of seams to the wrong side.
  • Resealable / reusable packaging can be used to store stencils.

Part of the larger range of marking accessories for textiles.

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