Jolly Roger | White On Black

Jolly Roger skull and crossbones design.

Lovely quality cotton poplin, perfect for sewing craft projects, dressmaking, quilting, etc. Our poplin fabrics are soft yet durable and as such are ideal for garment making and other textiles that are in regular use.

44" / 110 cms Wide. 100% Cotton Fabric.

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Jolly Roger  |  White On Black

Jolly Roger | White On Black


What is a Poplin Fabric?

Essentially a poplin fabric looks like a standard weave but the main difference is there is more yarn in the warp of a poplin when compared to the weft (up to twice as much). Lovely and soft yet durable and easy to sew.

The Fabric & Ordering

100% cotton fabric. Superb for quilting and other sewing projects.

To order simply add metres and/or half metres to your basket - we will cut as one continuous length.

44" / 110 cms wide.

Recommended Thread

For a fine, strong, soft & absolutely natural thread we recommend stitching Quilting Fabrics with Empress 100% Cotton Quilting Thread. Manufactured to industrial standards and finished processing in the UK it is guaranteed to run on your sewing or long-arm machine.

For general sewing or where a pure cotton thread is not necessary we suggest our General Purpose Polycore Sewing Thread. A great all rounder, we guarantee it will run on your machine and is super for stitching this fabric.

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