Jelly Roll Rug Pattern Squared | R J Designs

The second in the series of Jelly Roll Rugs from RJ Designs.

Created so all skill levels can participate in making Jelly Roll Rugs. No stitching around tight curves needed, just sewing straight, "seams.:"  Uses 1 Jelly Roll

The RJ Design Pattern creates an area rug in fabrics of your choice. Using a Jelly Roll & Wadding strips (full equipment list below).

The Jelly Roll Rug finishes at approximately 32" x 42".

For ease and accuracy make using Pre Cut Mini Wadding Rolls.

Learn more about the pattern and the inspiration behind the rug below...

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Jelly Roll Rug Pattern Squared | R J Designs

Jelly Roll Rug Pattern Squared | R J Designs


Jelly Roll Rug Pattern

Empress Mills are delighted to present the Jelly Roll Rug Pattern created by Roma Lambson.

Roma designed this Jelly-Roll Rug Squared pattern as a simpler version of the original Jelly-Roll Rug pattern for her 4 sisters who wanted in on the fun. In her words...

'We made them at one of our annual Sister’s Retreats. Now, all skill levels may participate in the joy of Jelly-Roll Rug making! No stitching around tight curves, just sewing straight, "seams"'.

Jelly Roll Rug Crucial Supplies List

  • 1x Jelly Roll. Here...
  • 1.25m 100% Cotton Wading at 96" wide.
  • Note this wadding will be cut into 2.5" (jelly roll width strips) during the rug making process.
  • Rather than buying the wadding we recommend buying pre cut Katahdin Wadding Strip Rolls. You need 1.5 rolls for a rug. There is an offer available for 3 Rolls which would create 2 rugs.
  • Batting Seam Tape or Bondaweb. Here...
  • Size 14-18 Jeans Sewing Machine Needles. Here...
  • Spool of sewing thread at least 1000m. Here...
  • Best Press or Spray Starch Alternative. Here...
  • You will need a sewing machine that will make at least a 5mm wide zig-zag. Roma, the pattern creator, used a 5.5mm wide stitch on the sample in the product image.