Prym Ironing Set - Ultimate

Super useful Prym set for use when sewing and ironing. Contains a great assortment of must-haves for your sewing room.

The Ultimate Pack includes:

  • Silicone Iron Rest Mini
  • Finger Guards
  • Iron Cleaner
  • Pressing Mat
  • Iron Shoe

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Prym Ironing Set - Ultimate

Prym Ironing Set - Ultimate


Ironing Ultiamte Set Prym

Silicone Iron Rest Mini

This Silicone Iron Rest has been designed by Prym for all household irons. It features a heat resistant and non-slip surface perfect for short-term resting of the iron during sewing. Designed especially for the Mini iron so is neat & compact around your sewing area.

Finger Guards

Prym heat resistant finger guards for short-term protection when ironing.

Ideal for ironing seams, hems and narrow edges as allows you to run the iron right up the finger tip ensuring complete pressing accuracy. Their fine burled surface offers sufficient grip for working with even the finest of fabrics.

Iron Cleaner

Prym cleaning pen for the sole plate of the iron for removing dirt and calcium build up. Makes the iron glide smoothly again, perfect for steam or dry irons.

Pressing Mat

The thin, white pressing cloth in coarsely woven cotton protects delicate and printed fabrics from developing an undesired glossy surface caused by too high a heat setting on the iron.

The Prym Cloth is transparent when wet making it ideal for accurate ironing and steam-ironing. During steam-ironing, the cotton absorbs the moisture and releases it again underneath.

The cloth is 45 x 50 cm in size - a lovely large size for projects great & small.

Iron Shoe

For use when ironing printed fabrics and textiles, which are sensitive to heat. The Iron Shoe from Prym protects the fabric from the direct heat of the iron. It mitigates the heat, protecting the fabric and preventing the development of surface gloss. The shoe has many holes to allow steam to escape. A sturdy steel spring secures the shoe to the iron.

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