Hand Gauge | Maxi, 21cm | Prym Love

  • Handy measuring tool in a variety of sizes
  • For use directly on the sewing machine
  • Made of flexible plastic
  • Marking aid for 90° angles
  • Notches make accurate marking possible.


SKU#: P610728

Hand Gauge | Maxi, 21cm | Prym Love

Hand Gauge | Maxi, 21cm | Prym Love


The small hand gauges from Prym are ideal for working directly with your sewing machine. Made from flexible plastic, they are light yet durable.

On both sides there is an absolutely precise centimetre scale with stitch length control and aid for marking 90° angles.

The hand gauge is flexible and clings perfectly to the fabric and pattern for accurate measurement with the notches making exact and precise marking possible.

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