Grippy, Non-Slip Coating Spray

From the makers of 505 Spray, Grippy makes rulers, templates, stencils, rugs, hangers and more non-slip.

It can be applied again & again to the same surface and is easily wiped off leaving no permanent residue or marks.

150ml Can.

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Grippy, Non-Slip Coating Spray

Grippy, Non-Slip Coating Spray

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Odif Grippy Instructions

1. Shake well.
2. Spray a thin layer from 8 inches away. Grippy is slightly white and becomes translucent while drying.
3. After 1 minute of drying, the non-slip ruler is ready for use.

Tip: the thinner the layer, the more the product is transparent.
For more non-slip effect, apply a second coat. Grippy can be removed with warm water & soap if you feel necessary.

Grippy Features

  • Acid free
  • Resistant
  • Translucent
  • Does not stain fabric
  • No CFC


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