Creative Sheet Transparent, Bag Base | Prym

  • Retains its shape
  • Use foil marker or pencil for tracing
  • Can be used for stabilising bag bottoms
  • Great for making templates, stencils and reusable pattern pieces
  • 30 x 60cm

SKU#: P611144

Creative Sheet Transparent, Bag Base | Prym

Creative Sheet Transparent, Bag Base | Prym

£4.90 per metre

Prym Creative Sheet

The creative sheet is a transparent stencil film made of stable plastic in the size of 30 cm x 60 cm.

First, smooth out the rolled-up sheet with a pressing cloth and iron, it can then be used in lots of creative ways. The creative sheet can, for example, be sewed into a bag to strengthen the base. It can also be used as individual quilt stencils or re-usable pattern pieces, when cut to the required sizes. These features make the stencil film from Prym ideal for a range of projects from patchwork and quilting through to bag making and more.


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