Colour Tape Measure | Metal Tipped 60″ | Prym

  • Colour graduated scale
  • Yellow back with scale in imperial or metric
  • Metal frames at the ends
  • Robust professional quality
  • 60" / 150cm.
  • Metric & Imperial scale.


SKU#: P282122

Colour Tape Measure | Metal Tipped 60″ | Prym

Colour Tape Measure | Metal Tipped 60″ | Prym


Prym Quality Haberdashery

Taking measurements is one thing. Keeping them accurate is quite another. Both are now effortlessly possible with professional measuring and marking tools from Prym.

Due to polyfibre material tape measures from Prym are highly flexible and yet absolutely dimensionally stable. Precise imprints are the prerequisite for equally precise measurements, thanks also to the end caps fitted with millimetre precision.

Don’t forget every measurement must be marked!

Take a look at our full range of Fabric & Sewing Project Markers. Covering everything from water-soluble pens through to classic fabric chalk and pencils, there is sure to be the marker ideal for your project.

Part of the Extensive Empress Haberdashery range.

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