Chenille Needles Envelope | Multiple Sizes

  • For fine embroidery such as silk embroidery or white embroidery
  • Embroidery needles with finely honed tips
  • Needles made of hardened steel
  • 25 Needles per envelope across all available sizes

Gold Eye Chenille Needles also available in packs of 6 needles per card.

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Chenille Needles Envelope | Multiple Sizes

Chenille Needles Envelope | Multiple Sizes

Embroidery Chenille Needles from Prym featuring a sharp tip are suitable primarily for silk embroidery along with all finer embroidery work.

The needles are made of absolutely burr-free hardened steel and have a symmetrical, punched eye. For easy threading of wool or thicker yarns the needles need a correspondingly large eye, hence the size range available. The finely honed tip and the smooth coated surface allows the needles to glide effortlessly through any material.

A balanced ratio of length and strength gives flexibility while ensuring they are stable and do not break.

Other Types & Sizes:

Chenille Needles With Gold Eye are also available.

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