Bag Fastening Heidi Antique Brass | Prym

Rectangular Metal bag fastener with heart shaped clasps for secure fastening. Superb quality with attached hoops for addition of longer handles.

Intricate detail engraved around edges of handle & metal work is pre punched with holes for ease of sewing.

Lovely quality - see larger image for full detail.

Measures 15cm x 6.5cms.

For a secure hold & strong stitch sew bag projects & attach handles with Empress Thread Plus.

SKU#: P615171

Bag Fastening Heidi Antique Brass | Prym

Bag Fastening Heidi Antique Brass | Prym


Recommended Sewing Thread

Sew your bag projects with Empress Thread Plus. Ideal for sewing all bags and medium weight textile projects. Twice as strong as a standard thread but not twice as thick so no need to change your needle which makes it perfect for securely attaching bag handles & accessories.


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Brand Prym
Stock Logic Status Standard