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Vilene To Vlieseline Interfacings

Vilene Logo Retail - LargeYou may have spotted the new brand Vlieseline appearing in the UK. Vlieseline is the new name for Vilene throughout the world. Please be assured the products are exactly the same as under the Vilene brand the only difference being the name.

With Vilene being such a household name in the UK interlining and creative mixed media fields we thought you may be interested in the reasoning behind the switch. The team at Freudenberg – Vilene/Vlieseline’s parent company have sent us the below info…

Vlieseline / Vilene Interfacing Logo. The Vilene To Vlieseline Switch

With a long tradition of innovation and creativity, Vilene® has become synonymous with quality interlinings for all those with a passion for sewing, tailoring, dressmaking and leading-edge textile design. Serving customers all over the world for more than 60 years and offering the highest level of uncompromised technology, Vlieseline®/Vilene® was first launched into the market in the early 50’s and since then has become the essential interlining for all kinds of applications.

G785 Double Vilene - ProductIn the UK under Vilene®, in Northern Europe under Vlieseline® and in Southern Europe under Fliselina®, all three brands belong to Freudenberg, the founding company. Since those early days, the market has become global and for this reason, Freudenberg has decided to go back to its roots and promote worldwide under one brand name: Vlieseline®.

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Different But Still The Same

The crucial thing with the re brand is that the exact same world leading, superb quality interfacings and stabilisers are still available – it is simply that the name has changed.

Vlieseline At Empress

We are delighted to stock the entire Vlieseline Interlining Collection. Much of the range is available online and we are adding all the time. If there is a particular item you are seeking and can’t spot then please Contact Us.

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