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Sewing Cushions With Quilters Grid – Project

With grateful thanks to Vilene (soon to be re branded Vlieseline) we are pleased to make available their Cushion project made using Quilters Grid.

The Quilters Grid Project…

Quilters Grid Project - v820 - Step 1 MainSTEP 1

Cut the fabrics into 5-cm squares (the squares can be bigger or smaller, but they must always match the grid. Cut edges must always be on the grid lines). Lay Quilter’s Grid out on an ironing board/table with the adhesive side (rough side) up. Put the squares of fabric onto the Quilter’s Grid in the pattern of your choice with the right side up, making sure that the cut edges touch one another and that they are aligned along the printed grid lines.

Quilters Grid Project - v820 - Step 2 MainSTEP 2

Then fuse the squares of fabric to the Quilter’s Grid (iron on dry, step by step with low pressure, 10-12 seconds, 2 dots). Please note: You should iron on a sturdy table if you are sewing a big blanket to prevent the pieces of fabric you have laid out in a pattern from slipping.


Begin on one side of your design by folding the first row with the right sides facing (the right sides of the fabric are on the inside). The Quilter’s Grid lines are in the fold. Stitch down from the top to the bottom by the width of the presser foot. Repeat until all the vertical rows have been sewn.

Quilters Grid Project - v820 - Step 4 MainSTEP 4

Cut into the seam allowances in between the individual squares of fabric to just before the seam stitching on the lengthwise seams.



Quilters Grid Project - v820 - Step 5 MainSTEP 5

As with the vertical rows, now sew down the horizontal rows by the width of the presser foot from the top to the bottom (you can, for example, make a wider seam to change the final size of the squares you are sewing). When sewing, sew the seam allowances down alternately to the left and to the right. This keeps the intersections flatter (if your seam allowance is wider, you can also cut the seams open and then iron them out flat)

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  1. Love this – made a cushion using 1″ squares but did not do step 4 – it came out looking brilliant. So pleased. Will be ordering some more soon

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