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New 10oz Denim Fabrics

Denim Fabric 10oz Montage

With denim being all the rage we couldn’t resist adding these new 10oz Denim Shades that we spotted recently. Although 10oz is heading into what we class as heavier weight, all the fabrics have been industrially washed to give them extra softness.

Two of the shades in the weight Light Blue & Mid Blue are enzyme washed which adds an extra distressed look to the finish. Don’t worry it doesn’t rip or particularly discolour the fabric, it just takes off the ‘brand new’ and gives it that slightly worn patina – making it perfect for fashion pieces.

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Chambray Fabric Available at Empress MillsOther Denim Fabrics

We are one of the largest stockists of Denim in the UK and after seeing our supplier last week already have our sights set on some new designs (just waiting for them to come back from the mill).

There are over 20 denims already in the collection ranging from super soft Chambray through to Stretch Denims, Designs & Ultra Heavy 14oz.

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Denim Sewing Thread

We have a couple of choices for stitching Denim Fabric. For general sewing and project seams Empress Thread Plus is ideal. It is a good strength yet still relatively fine and will run perfectly in a standard universal sewing machine needle.

For more of a classic denim top stitch thread – like you see on jeans and other apparel wear – the 36s Polycore Thread is the option to choose. It will give the decorative topstitch finish while still sewing the garment perfectly. You will need a Jeans Needle if working with this thread as it is thicker than a standard weight.

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