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Face Masks

We have received an unprecedented number of requests for fabrics that can be used for making Face Masks for both home use and for the amazing NHS teams around the country and further afield.

As with the post on Fabric For Scrubs, it is important to state that:

Empress Mills Fabrics are manufactured for use in garments and home crafts and our products have not been designed for, nor have they been tested for any medical application or against any test standard that would be required in a medical application.

We cannot guarantee and accept no liability for the use in a medical environment.

In these unprecedented times we are naturally pleased our fabrics can be of use but we feel it is only right we highlight the above.


Vilene Interfacings For Face Mask Filters

We have been in contact with Freudenberg, the parent company of Vlieseline (Vilene).

They have informed us that their samples show that Vilene S13Vilene M12, Vilene L11 and Vilene F220 are best suited for the construction of simple face masks – again these are not ‘medical grade’ options but will hopefully offer some protection.

Vilene S13 Sew In Here – The Current Favourite

Vilene M12 Sew In Here

Vilene L11 Sew In Here

Vilene F220 Iron On Here

Freudenberg Vilene have supplied the following image of two masks made using their interfacings. The Floral Face mask is made using F220 and the yellow face mask uses M12.

Fabric For Face Masks & Construction

It has been suggested that a potential combination as follows can work well for mask construction:

  • Cotton Outer Fabric
  • Softer possibly Winceyette fabric inner (which will be in contact with your face)
  • The Cotton Outer & Winceyette are used to form a ‘pocket’, into which you insert for example the Vilene Interfacing (mentioned above) to act as a filter.

While we do not have a pattern available for this type of mask, there are a variety online and various tutorials now freely available.

Regular Cotton Fabric could be anything from Quilting Fabric to Classic Plain Cottons. Ideally anything that is relatively closely woven and that will be Ok with regular washing.

Quilting Fabrics Here

Plain Cotton Fabrics Here

Winceyette Fabric is again a good option as is relatively lightweight yet offers quite a close weave finish. It is not tickly or stifling and is soft against your face.

Winceyette Fabric Here

Vilene Interfacings for ‘filter’ – please see info above on Vilene Interfacings for this application.

A Final Note

As I mentioned above, the Vilene non wovens and other products and fabrics from the Empress Mills collection are designed for the clothing industry and home sewing uses. We cannot guarantee and accept no liability for the use in a respiratory protection mask.

Our products are not medically tested.

Should you, however sew your own mask for personal use, we recommend washing at 60°C before use.

Best Wishes From All At Empress

At this uncertain and unprecedented time I would just like to extend the very best wishes from all at Empress to you, your family and friends. Stay Stong, Stay Safe & Happy Sewing.


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