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Fabric Dyes Now Available

We are delighted to now have available a full Textile Dyes Range. The new range covers all of the key areas (naturally inc. Procion Dyes) and we will be adding more varieties in the near future. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions relating to the new dyes or indeed anything from across the Empress Mills range.

The Dyes Range

Procion Dyes


Procion Dyes are superb all rounders. For use on Cottons, calico, linen, viscose, rayon, hemp & excellent for silk. Procion dyes are ideal for immersion, tie & dip dyeing plus air brushing, printing, twisting, sponging, spraying and more.

With over 25 inter-mixable shades there is a super colour pallet achievable.

Procion Dyes are available in 10g or 25g pots in over 20 shades.

Transfer Dye Range


Transfer Dyes are a range of over 15 concentrated intermixable colourfast dyes for easy transfer & level dyeing. Brilliant colours and simple to heat fix by ironing or heat pressing.

For use with synthetic fabrics – Polyesters, Nylons, Vilene Lutradur & Vilene Evolon.

Transfer Dyes are available in 10g or 25g pots in over 15 shades.

Acid Dye Range


Acid Dyes are an extremely simple to use specially manufactured range of colourfast, concentrated & intermixable dyes. Ideal for the creation of strong vibrant colours. Use for space dyeing, rainbow dyeing etc.

For use with animal fibres – Silk, Wool, Angora, Feathers, Nylon, Fur etc.

Acid Dyes are available in 10g or 25g pots in over 20 shades.

Fabrics & Thread For Dyeing


Empress stock a host of fabrics and thread ideal for use with all the dyes we stock. The most popular fabric by far is our 440 Count Mercerised Egyptian Cotton Fabric – ideal for use with Procion Dyes and printing. Full information for both the Egyptian Cotton and other ranges can be found on the Fabric For Dyeing Info Page.

Information Articles & Ideas

Info will be added regularly covering the basics of dye use through to ideas projects and suggestions. To be kept up-to-date with all new information & offers just join the Empress E-Newsletter.

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