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Edition 11 – Threads In Focus | Crashing Technique

Create fabulous fabric textures and effects using this simple technique. The requirements are minimal: Your Fabric Choice plus Solufleece & Bondaweb.

Remove the backing paper from Bondaweb and sandwich it between a similar sized piece of Solufleece & the fabric of your choice on the top layer. Put in a hoop. Stitch within the hoop – either randomly or evenly. Be sure to experiment with the width of your stitch lines – different widths give completely different textures.

Hover a steam iron over the work (remember – don’t touch it, just hover above) & watch the instant results. Stunning effects!

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Combine with paints, beads, dyes etc. for truly creative work. Different textures/designs can be created by varying the stitch widths.


Once the fabric has been steamed/crashed it should be left to cool for 30 – 60 minutes. After which it can be hand washed. The Solufleece backing will disappear at this point but the Bondaweb will remain and hold the effect in place. To secure the effect for further use it is recommended (not 100% necessary) that you apply a suitable backing. This will stabilise the piece of work.

Crashing Diagram

Recommended Backings:
G785 Vilene – If the textured fabric is to be used for Clothing Weight Applications

S320 Vilene – If the textured effect is to be used for Bag Weight Applications

The two above interlinings should be ironed on, without pressure but with steam.

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Crashing Uses

Vilene Crashing Bag

The textured fabric created through crashing can be used in so many ways. Adding a focal point or decorative cuff to bags (as above) , for brooches, wall hangings and we are now increasingly seeing quilts with panels created using the technique (see below).

Vilene Crashig Sample Egyptian Cotton

Just out of interest the appliquéd quilt block above was made using our Egyptian Cotton, dyed.

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