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More Printed Anti Pil Polar Fleece Arrivals!

Multi Stars Printed Anti Pil Fleece Montage

Antipil Polar Fleece, New Star DesignWith Fleece Fabrics of all denominations hugely popular we couldn’t pass up the chance to add these fab eight new Multi Star Designs to the Antipil Polar Fleece Range.

The new designs bring the total Antipil Fleece Collection to well over 100 variations in stock including plains and printed options.

From just £5.80 a Metre and with large discounts for bulk purchases make sure you check them out!

Printed Anti-Pil Polar Fleece Range

Happy Fleece Pipe Swallow Grey - Main - 103418The Full Empress Fleece Fabric Range

As well as classic Antipil Fleeces the Empress collection also includes luxurious Star Embossed & Dimple Fleeces.  Fantastically snuggly Supersoft Fleeces, The ultimate in warmth – Fur Fleeces and the new arrival on the block, Happy Fleeces.

Happy Fleeces feature a fine knitted Jersey Front with design and ultra warm fleece backing, perfect for warm yet lightweight apparel an even quilt backing.

View The Full Empress Fleece Range

Overlocking Thread Bobbins ConesWhat Sewing Thread To Use With Fleece?

It is a question we are asked a lot and with various fleece weights available you are better heading over to the fleece of your choice. Full info on the recommended sewing threads can be found on each page.

However as general rule Empress Thread Plus is ideal for stitching more demanding seams (i.e. those found on coats, jumpers etc.) where as our General Purpose 120s Sewing Thread is great for lighter weight applications. As always if you have any queries or question please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

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