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Lutradur | CS800

From £3.80

Lutradur | CS800

From £3.80

Spunbond polyester ideal for creative work. Lutradur can be painted, dyed, drawn / printed onto, heat distressed (using a heat gun or soldering iron) and more.

Extremely tear resistant and stable Lutradur makes a super firm, tactile, interactive base for creative work and despite being firm is still light enough to be machine sewn.

32″ / 80cms wide.

Reductions available for purchases of 3m+

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Vilene Lutradur CS800 Orders will be cut as one continuous length up to the 20m standard full roll option.

Reductions available for purchases of 3m+

Other Lutradur Weights?

As a point of interest the Lutradur range previously consisted of three weights (with CS800, the weight available here, being the heaviest). However Vilene ceased production of the two lighter weights in early 2014.

Although a reduction in choice the heavy Lutradur that remains was by far the most popular and can still be used just as creatively as the original lighter versions. As an example – the lighter options were preffered for work with a heatgun as they melted quickly – the heavy version can be used for the same purpose it just takes slightly longer to distress as it is more resistant to heat.

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Half Metre, 1 Metre, 3 Metre, 15m Full Roll, 20m Full Roll


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