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Polyester Wadding | 54″ Wide

From £2.90

Polyester Wadding | 54″ Wide

From £2.90

Standard poly wadding – 54″ wide. Popular for adding substance to creative hangings or adding texture to highlight certain areas. Ideal as quilt wadding.

Available in three weights with 4oz occupying the middle ground and being by far the most popular.

Full Info Below   |   Stitch with Empress Quilting Thread.

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Polyester Wadding – 54″ wide. Perfect for trapunto and comforter style quilts. Motifs pop with a simple outline stitch, great to use in vests and jackets!

Quilt or tie 5″ apart. Machine wash and dry finished quilts without any shrinkage.

Wadding Weight Information

2oz – Light density.
4oz – Mid density – very popular weight.
6oz – High density. Great delth and crushproof.

Recommended Thread

We recommend stitching Polyester Waddings with Empress 100% Cotton Quilting Thread. Fine, strong, soft finish & absolutely natural. An ideal and superb quilting thread.

Pre-Wash & Care Instructions

Note that this step is optional. You will experience no shrinkage with first wash.
•Hand Wash mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in washer.
•Soak for 20 minutes, rinse several times.
•Squeeze out water. DO NOT WRING. Rolling in a towel helps.
•Dry in a warm dryer or lay flat to air dry.

Fibre Content: 100% Polyester, soft & crushproof.




2oz Wadding, 4oz Wadding, 6oz Wadding


1 Metre, 3 Metre, 5 Metre, 15m Full Roll, 20m Full Roll, 25m Full Roll


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