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Flexible Curved Rule | Prym


Flexible Curved Sewing Rule Prym - P611312
Flexible Curved Sewing Rule Prym - P611312
Flexible Curved Sewing Rule Prym - P611312
Prym Haberdashery

Flexible Curved Rule | Prym


Very pliable rule facilitates marking and transferring of rounded or curved shapes on to fabrics or papers of your choice. Despite being pliable the rule created by Prym still provides a firm edge to press against while drawing.

50cm / 20″ long with both imperial and metric markings.

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Prym Flexible Rule

  • For transferring rounded shapes
  • Flexible ruler with metal core
  • Printed with cm and inch scale

The flexible metal core of the curved ruler from Prym makes it an indispensable utensil for measuring, marking and transferring rounded and curving shapes.

A flexible core inside the ruler makes it possible to shape the ruler as you require and then to straighten it out completely again later on. It can be placed without problem on narrow curves, in order to transfer the shape onto paper or fabric. It an also be used to measure curves.

The flexible curved ruler has a scale in centimeters on one side and a scale in inches on the other. It is 50 cm/20 inches in length.

Don’t forget every measurement must be marked!

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Part of the Extensive Empress Haberdashery range.



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Flexible Curved Sewing Rule Prym - P611312

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