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Schmetz Ballpoint / Jersey Machine Needles | Sizes 70 – 100


Schmetz Ballpoint / Jersey Machine Needles | Sizes 70 – 100


Ballpoint needles are manufactured (as the name suggests) with a ball on the point. The ball parts the fibres/threads of the fabric you are stitching rather than piercing them as a conventional needle would.

This makes the needle ideal for stitching knitted materials or those with elastic properties such as lycra & jersey fabrics. It stops laddering and ensures the elastic qualities remain intact as the fibres of the fabric are still able to move freely.

Sizes 75 through to 100.  5 needles per card.
Also assorted packs of sizes 70-90s and 70-100s.

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Schmetz Jersey Needles are available in various sizes (cross sectional diameter). Sizes start from 70nm (0.7mm thickness) up to 100nm (1.0mm thickness).

The size you require is basically dependant on the weight / fabric thickness you are sewing. As a guide size 90 tends to be the favourite and is ideal for mid weight fabrics.

For ease of identification Schmetz stamp the needle size on the shank of every needle they manufacture.

Jersey Needle Pack Sizes & Assortment

Sizes 70 to 100 are available in packs of x5 needles.

Assorted Pack 70-90 includes: 2x size 70, 2x size 80 and 1x size 90.

Assorted Pack 70-100 includes: 1x size 70, 2x size 80 1x size 90 and 1x size 100.

Needle Codes:
101266, 101267, 101268, 101269, 101270, 101271.

Needle Size

Size 100, Size 70, Size 70 – 100, Size 70 – 90, Size 80, Size 90


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