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Schmetz Metallic Machine Needles | Sizes 80 – 90


Schmetz Metallic Machine Needles | Sizes 80 – 90


Schmetz Metallic Needles are manufactured with a longer, larger eye for sewing with special effect and fancy threads, particularly for those that have a metallic finish.

Combining the best attributes from across the needle range (sharp point, large eye, strong shaft) these needles really are the crème de la crème.

Sizes 80 & 90.  5 needles per card.

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Schmetz Metallic Needle Information

Schmetz Metallic Needles are available in two sizes (cross sectional diameter). Size 80nm (0.8mm thickness) and size 90nm (0.9mm thickness).

They are a superb needle combining the best attributes from across the Schmetz Range. As a point (excuse the pun) of interest they are identical to the Schmetz Topstitch Needle.

For ease of identification Schmetz stamp the needle size on the shank of every needle they manufacture.

Metallic Needle Pack Sizes & Assortment

Sizes 80 & 90 are available in packs of x5 needles.

Needle Codes:
101280, 101281

For your convenience we stock all the sizes in this needle type that are available from Schmetz.

Recommended Thread

Take a look at the Empress range of Metallic Embroidery Threads. Manufactured to industrial standards they have a super shine, are guaranteed to run on your machine and will not shred!

Needle Size

Size 80, Size 90


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