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505 Temporary Spray Glue

From £12.50

505 Temporary Spray Glue

From £12.50

505 Spray is the market leading temporary adhesive which allows you to temporarily bond fabrics and other textiles while also leaving them free enough to be removed and placed in a new location.

The spray is colourless, odourless and leaves no residue. As an extra feature it is designed in a way to ensure it doesn’t stick to your needle so effortless sewing is possible even through the glue.

As with all adhesives we recommend testing 505 spray on a piece of your fabric prior to main use.

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New Year Reductions Currently Available
1x 500ml Can £12.50
2x 500ml Cans £19.90



1x 500ml Can – Offer, 2x 500ml Can – Offer, 5x 500ml Can – Offer


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