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Prym Love Sewing Set


Prym Haberdashery

Prym Love Sewing Set


Handy Haberdashery from the Prym Love range to make sewing easy and hassle free.

Pack contains: Magnetic Pin Cushion & Glass Headed Pins, Thread Cutter, Needle Twist Carry Case & Prym Premium Needles.

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Prym Love Sewing Set Includes:

Prym Thread Cutter
An eye catching thread cutter from the Prym Love series with pint polka dot design.
Ultra practical, it can be conveniently hung like an amulet using the satin band,which makes it easily accessible when sewing.
The cutter features and integrated and protected rotary cutter blade, made of premium stainless steel which offers safe, reliable cutting functionality over the long term.
Its oval design with multiple recesses protect the blade from damage and the user from injury. An indispensable aid for dressmaking and sewing.
• Easy cutting
• Easy Access
• Safe Use

Prym Magnetic Pin Cushion
The magnetic pincushion with its fresh mint colour and polka dot design from the Prym Love Collection is ideally suited for the storage of pins directly next to the sewing machine or in your sewing room. Keeps your pins and needles safe, tidy and ready to use.
• Easy pin storage
• Keeps work surfaces tidy

Included with Magnetic Pin Cushion – Glass Headed Pins
Superb quality for sewing as opposed to general crafts.
The glass-headed pins are the premium option featuring heat-resistant, round heads made of premium glass. The glass heads are red making them stand out well on most fabrics ensuring you can effortlessly recognise them after sewing the pinned work pieces.
The pins have a smooth stem, made of hardened steel with balanced spring stiffness, and as a result don’t bend or break. The fine tip easily penetrates any fabric, thereby making them friendly to your material.
• Superb quality
• Iron resistant
• Fabric friendly

Prym Needle Twister
This patented and ergonomically-designed needle twister from the Prym Love collection ensures all hand sewing needles and darning needles can now be securely stored.
Thanks to the twist mechanism at the base of the needle twister, the needles are twisted out in a fan-like fashion. This lets you recognise all needle types and sizes at a glance, and they can be removed as needed.

A magnet on the inside of the needle twister ensures that the needles are in the right position. Includes beautifully-shaped cap, which ensures that the needles stay in the needle twister thanks to its click fastener.

Perfect for taking your needles to sewing classes, workshops, group meetings and more.
• Secure needle storage
• Ideal for travel & transport
• Easy to find correct needle size

Included With Needle Twister – Needle Assortment
An assortment consisting of 19 premium quality hand sewing and darning needles with golden eyes from Prym.
As with all Prym needles the options included in this collection are super quality with uniformly polished surfaces, a burr free finish and spring resilience which all helps ensures ultra smooth and comfortable sewing.
• Prym quality needles
• Variety of geeral sewing & darning needles
• 19 needles included



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